Erectile Dysfunction – What is it? If your partner has erectile dysfunction, both of you may be experiencing confusion and frustration. But did you know this is a common problem for most men over the age of 25? Some things can help. Don’t let small problems become big problems that can impact your relationship and sexual health. Learning about mental and physical causes can bring understanding, patience, and shine a light on treatment options.

Possibilities to Explore

Sexual arousal for men involves a complex combination of hormones and emotions and muscles and blood vessels. Many things can cause problems in the arousal process; anxiety over minor physical changes or conditions can slow response enough to affect a man’s ability to maintain an erection long enough for intercourse that is satisfying for both of you.

Erectile dysfunction can also be a sign of other physical issues. Does your partner have heart disease of any kind? Erections can be adversely affected by clogged blood vessels, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure. Other medical issues, like diabetes and obesity, can also cause problems. Sleep issues, alcohol, or tobacco use may be the culprit.

sufferingsMany physical medical conditions can affect a man’s ability to achieve and maintain an erection. Individually, these issues can cause erectile dysfunction, but co-morbidities can increase difficulties with gaining an erection.  A competent medical doctor should address medical conditions.

On top of physical issues, sometimes, erectile dysfunction may result from simple mental or psychological problems that may restrict necessary blood flow to maintain an erection. Physical conditions may also lead to mental anxiety or increase psychological issues.

Many factors can cause debilitating stress, which can cause erectile dysfunction in a man. Career and work difficulties can play into this. Also, family or intimate relationship issues can negatively impact sexual health. Erectile dysfunction can result from any of these and other factors.

Erectile Dysfunction Help?

As a partner to someone experiencing erectile dysfunction, you will want to take steps. Come up with a plan that involves caring for yourself as well as being there for your partner. Remember not to take this personally; he likes it even less than you do and wants to be with you.  Your response to erectile dysfunction, whether positive or negative, will impact his ability to achieve an erection.

Whether the problem is caused by untreated or mismanaged medical conditions or mental and psychological issues, it will be easier to suggest talk about erectile dysfunction if he feels loved and supported. As long as your relationship remains stable, you can speak to him about erectile dysfunction causes and help him consider different options.

When you learn as much as possible about erectile dysfunction, you will feel empowered and more able to keep your relationship intimate and caring. The more you know, the easier it will be to suggest needed lifestyle changes lovingly. Offering to go to the doctor with him may help him feel supported and loved.

For Future Hopes

While there are many causes of erectile dysfunction, there are also just as many solutions. If you’re looking for a place to start, you can call the understanding staff at Happy Valley Clinic. They are ready to help you understand erectile dysfunction and find solutions. Call today to schedule an appointment at (833) 336-6386.