Patient Testimonials

Walt L

First, I want to say how awesome the staff at Happy Valley Clinic are. Brock and Carrie make you feel very comfortable, and not a number or a dollar sign.  The technicians who provided the Shockwave treatments we’re also extremely pleasant to work with.

I am very happy with the results of the treatments. My penis has increased in girth and length! The sensitivity to stimulation has also increased with results in more pleasure during stimulation and longer orgasms. Erections happen quicker now and lasts longer. My penis is now firmer when erect. My confidence of being able to perform is higher. I would highly recommend Happy Valley Clinic.

Bruce B

After hearing about the new wave therapy treatment for ED I decided to do some research.  I really liked the idea of a drug free alternative to treat my mild symptoms, so I looked into the clinical trials.  What I found was surprising: Happy Valley Clinic was the only clinic in my area that was using the Shock Wave technology described in the trials.

My experience with Happy Valley Clinic has been awesome.  Their staff is professional, discreet, and caring.  They discussed with me all the alternatives to treat my ED and came up with a plan to meet my needs.  The treatment itself has been simple and pain free.

I’ve had real success eliminating my ED symptoms.  After just five days of treatment my wife and I enjoyed the best intimacy we have shared in almost a decade.  At five weeks I’ve only seen improvement.  My erections are harder, quicker and the staying power is unbelievable.  My wife and I agree the treatment has been a game changer.