Votiva™ Treatment for Incontinence

Your Top Solution for Urinary Incontinence, Sexual Function, and Vaginal Laxity.

Childbirth is a beautiful, magical experience. But, the toll it can take on your vaginal tissue and urinary tract can be severe. Looseness, laxity, and urinary incontinence can disrupt your daily routine, your self-confidence, and decrease your sexual satisfaction.

The Votiva™ vaginal and urinary restoration system was designed for women just like you – active, sexually vibrant women who want to look as young as they feel without taking potentially dangerous drugs or enduring costly, complicated surgery.

At Happy Valley Clinic, we take women’s physical and emotional health seriously – and we’re dedicated to reviving a happy, healthy you.

Discover how Happy Valley Clinic empowers you to reclaim your right to youthful, resilient vaginal tissue and strong pelvic muscles. Reserve your consultation with our skilled and discreet professional team by calling (833)336-6386 today.

Fast Treatment Without Surgery or Medication

Our patented Votiva™ technology delivers monopolar radiofrequency (CMRF) waves to your vaginal tissue, stimulating your body’s natural collagen regeneration. Our technology treats the underlying cause of bladder leakage and urinary incontinence.

On the day of your procedure, you’ll lie down in a comfortable position. A small, smooth device about the size of your thumb will be carefully inserted into your vaginal opening. The Votiva™ technology allows for required penetration depth while ensuring comfort and safety.

You’ll feel no pain, bleeding, bruising, or other side effects. Votiva™ is engineered to be minimally invasive, and your comfort is our top priority. Your 45-minute treatment is fast and easy and requires no anesthesia, scarring, or long recovery times – that’s the power of Votiva™.

Restore Vaginal Firmness

Votiva™ may sound complex, but it’s actually quite simple. Votiva’s™ transformative power lies in its revolutionary dual heating technology. The Votiva’s™ device’s tip rotates softly to:

  • protect your surface while gently heating your underlying tissue
  • activate your body’s natural regeneration process
  • stimulate the creation of new, robust collagen to rejuvenate your vaginal tissue

Votiva’s™ safe-guard system ensures you’ll feel no discomfort – it’s specially designed to maintain a comfortable skin temperature at all times.

If you’ve suffered from vaginal laxity for quite some time, you may have thought reviving your appearance and sensation was impossible. In the past, women had no choice but to bear the effects of childbirth and make the most of it, but those days are long gone – now, Votiva is empowering women to take back their vibrant sexuality on their own terms.

Medications and medical devices offer only minimal effectiveness – temporarily. Votiva™ is your long-lasting, powerful solution. You can rejuvenate your vaginal tissue naturally, in our discrete, comfortable suite.

Treat Urinary Incontinence

Votiva’s™ technology can prevent those embarrassing leaks that interrupt your day. It goes beyond traditional urinary incontinence treatment. Our procedures resemble physical therapy, but can be done in the privacy of your own home.

Just about any woman who desires restored vaginal tissue or incontinence treatment is a candidate for Votiva™. 

Contact us if:

  • you’re experiencing vaginal laxity, looseness, or diminished sexual sensitivity – Votiva™ helps restore vaginal fullness while improving appearance and sexual sensation
  • your sexual sensitivity is fine, but your vaginal tissue is looser than you prefer for aesthetic reasons; Votiva™ treatment may alleviate self-consciousness while increasing sexual confidence and enjoyment
  • you’re struggling with mild, moderate or severe incontinence; Votiva™ devices were developed to address stress, urge or mixed incontinence – both urinary and fecal

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Vaginal laxity and incontinence after childbirth can have potentially severe effects on your self-confidence, social interactions, and sexual health. You don’t have to sacrifice your desirability and beauty after childbirth. You deserve to feel and look amazing – you deserve Votiva™.

At Happy Valley Clinic, our caring and discreet team of specialists offers clinically validated treatment that works. Take the first step toward sexual self-empowerment, by calling our experts at (833)336-6386, or contact us through our website.