By now you’ve probably heard the science, that testosterone starts to drop dramatically in men beyond age 30.  For this and other reasons, intimacy problems are commonly thought to be a male problem, usually associated with erectile dysfunction or a general drop in vitality…

But what about the women in this scenario?  Through pregnancy and birth, women endure much more in these vital areas, but it is often considered less acceptable for women to admit the issues they are facing, so many women go without even knowing they don’t have to continue suffering their hidden loss of vitality and health.

The problem with this cultural gap is that both partners suffer, or fall short of the pleasure, comfort, and vitality you could be enjoying again!

So let’s just get it all out there for everyone’s sake!

Most women experience a loss in vaginal health after giving birth to a child.  Symptoms include urinary incontinence (leaking when you cough or laugh), and a decline in enjoyment from intimate interactions with your partner.

100% of men experience a natural decline in the production of testosterone after age 30.  This decline continues to worsen substantially every decade after that. Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is likely far more common than you think.

Women are often told that after a pregnancy, their bodies can never be the same again.  To be quite frank, this is not true, however, all women who have given birth or carried a pregnancy, have experienced considerable strain on their bodies, which require specific attention to regain their former health.

For either women or men, using drugs to address their issues will often lead to side effects which are arguably worse than the issue you are seeking to improve.  If you’re unsure, just read the list of side effects on the bottle, and see if you’d agree.

At Happy Valley Women & Men’s Health Clinic of Utah, we believe that both sides deserve the best care, for the benefit of their partner, and themselves.

We offer the most cutting edge technologies to improve the vitality and health of both men and women in these most important areas, which in most cases get the least help and attention!

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