At Happy Valley Health Clinic we serve both women and men, addressing your most vitally intimate health needs with the most proven, effective, and safe modalities available.

Our Services For Women Include:

 Safe, Non-Surgical, Vaginal Rejuvenation With VOTIVA by INMODE (helps with urinary incontinence postpartum, & reduces pain from intercourse)
• Bemer Microvascular Therapy

Our Services For Men Include:

 ED Shock Wave Therapy
• Red Light Near InfraRed Therapy [Article 1] [Article 2]  [Article 3]
• Bemer Microvascular Therapy

Additional Option Available:  Ultra Sound for testing blood flow

Other Services to increase Testosterone: 

• Bemer Red Light Near InfraRed Therapy
Vibration Plate Therapy
• Doctor Recommendation for additional treatments if needed.
• Discounts to affiliate locations