Q: Why Focused Shockwave Therapy over other wave therapies?


A: Focused Shockwave Therapy has been through multiple clinical trials and has shown to be the catalyst to actually cause regeneration in the vascular system within the penile shaft. 

When ED is due to vascular issues within the penis, Focused Shockwave Therapy has shown to be most effective for giving patients the best chance at reversing this issue.

For clearer details please see this third party youtube video from a medical group out of California.  This video is very detailed and will provide simplistic clarity as to why Focused Shockwave Therapy is the answer over radial acoustic wave therapy. With over 800 patients in just one of the clinical trials versus a comparative trial done by those proposing “radial acoustic wave therapy works”.  A meager 24 patients and 48 patients in those “other wave therapy” trials.



Q: Should I consider a penile implant?


A:  Outside the fact that there is down time after the surgery, it provides a very unnatural feeling for the patient with the implant, and it can be the cause of consistent pain after the surgery, it is very expensive.  It ranges in cost from $13,000 to $35,000 and most often is at a cost of about $20,000 to $25,000.

There are natural ways in Focused Shockwave Therapy to help the body regain its erections with very little pain or discomfort.  This option (penile implant) should be considered after less invasive treatments are tried; a last resort so to speak.


Q: Focused Shockwave Therapy sounds like it hurts! Does it hurt?


A: Actually unlike Radial Acoustic wave therapy, Focused Shockwave therapy does not hurt.  This is due to the fact that the focused wave is passing through the dermal tissue and into the vascular tissue within the penis.  It’s not slapping the skin like a spoon hitting the penis really hard as some patients have reported other wave therapies feeling.  Focused Shockwave Therapy is not painful.


Q: What sets Happy Valley Clinic apart from other sexual health clinics?


A: Happy Valley Clinic is very scientific in their approach to intimate health.  Currently covering more bases of sexual health and wellness than any other clinic in Utah.  We focus on giving patients the best chance of reversing their intimacy health issues.  To name a few of our therapies for men: Focused shockwave therapy, pelvic floor strengthening, microcirculatory therapy, blood work, nutrition, platelet rich plasma injections, low labido solutions, intimacy counselingand more. 

Some of our therapies for women: Pelvic floor strengthening, urinary incontinence solutions, circulation therapy, microvascular therapy, nutrition, platelet rich plasma injections, vaginal laxity, vaginal dryness, low labido solutions, solutions for painful intimacy, LabiaPlasty without surgery, decrease darkening of exterior of vaginal area, intimacy counseling and more.

Happy Valley Clinic answers more issues around sexual health in order to give each patient the chance to have that wonderful connection of human intimacy and sexual health and wellness with their companion.

We work closely with another clinic that focuses on BioIdentical Hormone Replacement Therapy and Weight Loss Solutions. 

Here are testimonials from two of our patients on this subject.




Q:  What are some of the ways that couples can get on the same page sexually?


A:  There are a number of reasons that couples can be living and loving one another but be on very different pages regarding sex or intimacy.  A few of these can be due to:

  1. Past trauma
  2. Lack of enjoyment during intimacy
  3. Not matched with ones companion’s sexual drive “Low Labido”.
  4. Fear of failure, failure to perform
  5. Discomfort during intimacy/Painful sex
  6. With holding sex because of control from ones partner or ones self.
  7. Lack of Fulfillment during sexual experiences
  8. Difficulty reaching orgasm/climax
  9. Apprehension 
  10. Misconceptions around intimacy and its overall purpose and value
  11. Not making intimacy a priority in the relationship

Happy Valley Clinic answers these issues with such solutions as intimacy counseling, Hormone Therapy, education for individuals and couples, along with helping the anatomy of the individual work as effectively as possible towards intimacy.  These topics are addressed with respect and in a wholesome manner in keeping this topic of human intimacy special and void of sultry distasteful communications.  We meet each individual and couple at their comfort level regarding the topic of human intimacy.  These are a few wonderful third party pieces that we have found to be respectful and informative.




Q:  If I am in my 60’s or 70’s should I just give up on effective sexual relations with my sweetheart?


A:  The answer is a resounding “NO”.  Do not give up.  There is real hope and a world of intimacy that you may find you have never even had before.  For both men and women there are answers that are valid and effective.  We have helped men and women in these age brackets reach fulfilling intimate relations.  Many times they have reached sexual intimacy and genuine connection in ways they never knew were possible.

Here are testimonials from two of our patients.